Alzheimers Home Safety Checklist

I searched the internet trying to find a Alzheimers home safety checklist. I couldn't find one that covered every area and could be printed out so I put this one together. I believe I covered most of the important areas. This Alzheimers home safety checklist can be printed out. If you have someone living in your home with Alzheimer's Disease it would be a good idea to do this as soon as possible.

Home Safety Checklist PDF
for easy printing

Alzheimer's Home Safety Checklist

Alzheimers Home Safety for Outside of the House:

Yes or No

___ ___ the top and bottom of the stairs are marked with bright yellow or white tape?

___ ___ a handrail on both sides of the stairs?

___ ___ locks on windows and doors (a spare key hidden outside the home or give one to a nearby

             friend or neighbor)?

___ ___ extra outdoor lighting for good nighttime visibility, especially on stairs and walkways?

___ ___ all poisonous plants removed from the house and yard?

Alzheimers Home Safety for Inside the House

Yes or No

___ ___ the top and bottom of the stairs are marked with bright yellow or white tape?

___ ___ a handrail on both sides of the stairs?

___ ___ adequate lighting throughout the home?

___ ___ entryways, halls and floors free of clutter, extension cords and scatter rugs?

___ ___ childproof covers over plugs?

___ ___ computers and information stored on them protected( password protection)?

___ ___ doors labeled such as bedroom and bathroom?

___ ___ furniture arranged to allow easy movement through room?

___ ___ cushioning added to sharp corners on furniture and cabinets?

___ ___ monitors or intercoms in house?

___ ___ a telephone and flashlight where they are easily available?

___ ___ all hazards that might lead to tripping have been removed?

___ ___ firearms are removed from the house or stored in a locked cabinet?

___ ___ answering machine on and set it to turn on after the fewest number of rings possible?

___ ___ decals at eye level on sliding glass doors, picture windows, or furniture with large glass

              panels to identify the glass pane?



Yes or No

___ ___ there is a working fire extinguisher?

___ ___ childproof door latches on storage cabinets and drawers?

___ ___ all household cleaning products locked away?

___ ___ matches, knives, scissors, blades, small appliances, and anything valuable locked away?

___ ___ a drain trap in the kitchen sink to catch small items?

___ ___ knobs removed from the stove or safety covers on?

___ ___ smoke alarm istalled (check batteries monthly)?

___ ___ a night-light in the kitchen?

___ ___ garbage disposal dismantled?

___ ___ junk drawers are emptied (small items may be mistakenly eaten)?

___ ___ emergency contact numbers posted in plain sight?

___ ___ area rugs in front of sink or under the table are removed?

___ ___ handles of pots and pans facing towards the back of the stove?


Yes or No

___ ___ door locks that can be opened from both sides?

___ ___ safety grab bars in the tub or shower?

___ ___ non-slip mats in the bath tub or on the shower floors?

___ ___ water heater to 120 degrees or less?

___ ___ all small rugs removed?

___ ___ a raised toilet seat with handrails, or install grab bars beside the toilet (assist in lowering

             and lifting off of the toilet)?

___ ___ a light on in the bathroom at night?

___ ___ medicine cabinet empty of all medicines(including over the counter medicines

              (such as cough syrup)?

___ ___ all razors removed (An electric razor is the safest to use, best used with

              (a mirror outside the bathroom to avoid water contact)?

___ ___ a foam rubber faucet cover (often used for small children) in the tub to prevent serious


___ ___ plastic shower stool and a hand-held shower head to make bathing easier?

___ ___ all cleaning products removed from under the sink, and locked them away?

___ ___ all small electrical appliances removed from the bathroom?

___ ___ all electrical outlets covered?

___ ___ use a single faucet that mixes hot and cold water in the shower, tub,(and sink to avoid


___ ___ drain traps in sinks to catch small items that may be lost or flushed down the drain?


Yes or No

___ ___ a smoke detector in the patient's bedroom?

___ ___ childproof covers over plugs?

___ ___ an intercom device (often used for infants) to alert you to any noises

             (indicating falls or a need for help?

___ ___ a nightlight?

___ ___ corner of nightstand cushioned?

___ ___ all throw rugs removed?

___ ___ clear straight path to doorway?

Living/ Dining Rooms:

Yes or No

___ ___ all electrical cords out of sight?

___ ___ all throw rugs removed?

___ ___ furniture arranged to allow easy walkway?

___ ___ all furniture is stable and does not move when leaned on?

Basement/ Laundry Rooms:

Yes or No

___ ___ stairs marked with bright white or yellow tape?

___ ___ all cleaning supplies in a locked cabinet?

___ ___ small appliances locked up?

___ ___ walkway free of clutter?


Yes or No

___ ___ power tools and other dangerous equipment where they are not accessible?

___ ___ car keys safely locked away?

___ ___ doors have double locks on them?

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Do you know what stage of Alzheimer's Disease your loved one is in?

Do you know what to watch for next?

Do you have sitters coming in and need to have a better system to help them provide the best care?

Does your loved one have behaviors that you should be tracking?

Do you have all of the information written down you need when you go to your doctor visits to help them understand what needs you may have?

Do you need help keeping track of appointments, medicines, vital signs, weights, meals, bowels, and behaviors?

The Caregivers Notebook will help you recognize what stage your loved one is in and prepare for what is coming next for your loved one.

It is very important you understand the disease and know what is coming next!

I also have an Alzheimers Blog site 

Please check it out if you have time, I believe there is a lot of information you may find helpful.