Providing Alzheimers Care in your Home can be Very Difficult

The amount of Alzheimers care you have to provide will depend on what stage of Alzheimer's your family member is in. The care varies with each stage. As Alzheimer's Disease progresses your family member will become more dependent on you.

Your role as a caregiver can be overwhelming at times and my goal is to help ease your burden. I want to help you avoid Caregiver Burnout if I can. Too often the caregiver tries to hide the exhausting demands of providing Alzheimer's care from friends and family and insists on doing it all themselves.

You can provide Alzheimers care alone for awhile but eventually you WILL wear down!

During the early to middle stage the care of the family member with the disease is not to difficult. They don't require much physical care but it is more emotional/ mental stress that you will encounter. You will worry a lot. You will worry about their safety, their health, and your future.

The loved one with late stage Alzheimers will require a lot of physical care. It is important that you understand the progression of the disease and have a plan in place for help providing that physical care when the time comes. Talk to your other family members about the future and know who will be able to help. Having a plan in place will help prevent caregiver burnout.

Alzheimers Care Tips

I have broken the different areas of care down into sections. Each section will cover the tips for each stage of the disease. Keep in mind that every person with Alzheimer's Disease is different. I will provide as many tips as I can and I will continue to add to them as I find new information. If one tip doesn't work for you then try another. Our goal is to find the way to make your care giving as easy as possible.

Each subject area has it's own web page, please click on the button on the left side of this page or the web link at the bottom of this page to review your areas of interest. If you have a unique problem that is not listed please feel free to email me. I may have run into it during my nursing career and may be able to help.

Alzheimers Care Home Alzheimers Activities Alzheimers Bathing Alzheimers Dressing Alzheimers Nutrition Alzheimers Sleep Alzheimers Toileting

Do you know what stage of Alzheimer's Disease your loved one is in?

Do you know what to watch for next?

Do you have sitters coming in and need to have a better system to help them provide the best care?

Does your loved one have behaviors that you should be tracking?

Do you have all of the information written down you need when you go to your doctor visits to help them understand what needs you may have?

Do you need help keeping track of appointments, medicines, vital signs, weights, meals, bowels, and behaviors?

The Caregivers Notebook will help you recognize what stage your loved one is in and prepare for what is coming next for your loved one.

It is very important you understand the disease and know what is coming next!

I also have an Alzheimers Blog site 

Please check it out if you have time, I believe there is a lot of information you may find helpful.