playing coits or playing catch with a tennis ball

by Robyn
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

playing coits is great, no one gets hurt, but it is embarrassing if i am doing a lot better than him, he is getting better although he is at middle-late stage, he still is improving - but finds it hard to catch a tennis ball and i have hit him in the head a few times so i am going to buy a softer ball. We have a lot of fun together and i had a rule than when we both got six coits on the stick we moved the stick away a bit but i like the idea of not having rules but then it seems a bit mindless he was always very competitive and loved rules and i cant just act hopeless and let him win im sure he would know so i think ill change the rules so we keep taking turns and ill write down how many we get each turn and tell him ill add it up at the end and then at the end ill just say very close, id say it was a tie and hopefully he will be happy with that i think what the website said was important thanks for great webside

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