by M.A. Griffith
(Toronto Canada)

We have set up a Youtube account where we can access a live performance of a singer from my Mom's generation. i.e. Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney, Perry Como.

In addition she watches a great deal of musical DVD movies, again from her era, such as The Eddy Duchin Story, Night & Day, movies with Doris Day and the Sound of Music.

She hums, taps and often can sing along. Her long term memories seem unimpaired. It is hard to believe, but her mood is suddenly uplifted and she actually remembers some of the words.

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Sep 04, 2019
Old Music & TV shows
by: Joanne

Thank you for your comment. Music is very helpful. I always recommend to play the music from their teenage/early 20s age. That is often the music they remember long after they forget everything else.

It is the same with the tv from that time frame. I have found Lawrence Welk to be one they can watch over and over. I love Lucy, Carol Burnett, and Murder She Wrote are also ones that will often hold their attention.

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