Alzheimers Dressing Tips
to Help in your Home

Alzheimers dressing will become more difficult as the disease progresses. They may have problems deciding what to wear. Minimize the choices to avoid anxiety. Thinning out the closet and drawers will make it easier on them. Laying their clothes out for them can be very helpful. Lay them out in the order they will be put on.

They will forget how to dress themselves. You will need to give them verbal cues to help them dress themselves. Short, simple step by step instructions work best. Such as "put your foot in". Only give one command at a time and wait until that task is complete before you move to the next one. Be patient! If you try to hurry them they will get frustrated.

They may refuse to change clothes. This is very common. If this is a problem in your house, bath time is a good time to remove the old clothing from sight. You may also have to become very persuasive and creative with getting them to change clothes.

Their motor skills will decline. They will have problems with snaps, zippers, and buttons. Comfortable, simple clothing will be the easiest to manage when they reach the middle stage. Shoes that slip on and off are the easiest. I prefer sneakers with velcro straps. Not only are they are easy to get on and off, but the rubber soles help prevent their feet from sliding.

Don't get upset if they decide to wear odd or mismatched clothing. You will learn that with Alzheimers Disease it is much easier to go with the flow. Choose your battles wisely. If there isn't a safety issue, how important is it really, what they are wearing?

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