Alzheimers Caregiver Burnout

What is it?

Alzheimers caregiver burnout can happen to anyone who is a primary caregiver for someone with Alzheimer's Disease. When a caregiver becomes physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted the result is caregiver burnout. Many caregivers, especially spouses, try to do everything themselves for their loved one. In the beginning that may work, but as the disease progresses the caregiver needs help.

Often the caregiver becomes sleep-deprived because the person with Alzheimer's Disease is not sleeping and they are afraid to go to sleep. They worry all of the time. The caregiver is afraid to leave them alone or with someone else. Many times they just don't want to bother anyone else. A spouse may feel it is their responsibility and the burden is theirs alone.

Caregiver burnout is a very serious issue. The symptoms of caregiver burnout are similar to those of stress and depression.Caregiver burnout is the number one reason why people with Alzheimers Disease are placed in nursing homes. Learn how to recognize it and prevent it from happening in your family.

The symptoms of caregiver burnout are:

loss of interest in activities

withdrawing from friends & family

change in appetite

change in sleep patterns

feeling hopeless


People with caregiver burnout also get sick more often.

If you suspect you or someone you know has caregiver burnout, you need to take action! Ask for help! No one can do it alone.

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