Toss the Balloon

This activity can be done with a group in their chairs or between a patient and caregiver.

Use a simple balloon filled with air. Toss it in the air and bat it to another person using hands and feet.

It usually puts a smile on faces, it's easy, cheap, no one gets hurt and because the balloon falls so slowly, it allows time to touch it. My mom, who is 95 years old, loves this game.

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Oct 20, 2015
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Aug 25, 2012
Playing with balls NEW
by: Anonymous

I stay with an old friend sometimes so her husband can try to continue working. She is 64 and her condition has progressed rapidly over the past 2 years. Anyway I am always trying to think of something she would like to do because it is obvious that she wants to do something. Most things seem to be very difficult for her and she will loose interest. However the other day I saw a medium size superball on the counter. It was clear and had stars and sparkles through it and when she saw it her face lit up. We played with this super ball, amazingly she bounced it fairly well and at times caught it on the first bounce with one hand. Most of the time she has a hard time using either hand. She was so happy and her face was so bright. You never know what small thing your person can do and what happinest they may get to feel if even for a few minutes. H ow worthwhile.

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