Motion objects


There are several items you can use that provide movement, such as a container that has water or some other liquid in it that will let other objects (like glitter) float around in it. You can turn it upside down and let the objects that are inside float around. I have found these types of activities are good for people that are not really social. It will give them the something to occupy their time. The movement will keep their interest. When all of the items float to the bottom, you simply turn it over and start the process all over again.

Items that are small enough to hold in their hands will provide fine motor exercises. These exercises will keep movement in their fingers and hands going longer.

Another activity that works really well is to provide an old dresser with three to four drawers that you can keep stocked with items of clothing or junk items for them to sort through. This works well for people who like to rummage or hoard things. It is a good idea to put a variety of items in the drawers. Some examples are, kids toys from fast food restaurants, wash cloths, towels, small kitchen items, measuring cups & spoons, spools of thread, or anything they might identify from their past.

One drawer could be set up with photos of their life. Another drawer can be set up as a snack drawer with non-perishable snack foods. At some stage of the disease it is easier to give them finger foods and let them just walk and eat as they go about their day than it is to get them to sit down to eat full a meal.

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Oct 22, 2015
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Apr 03, 2014
motion objects NEW
by: Anonymous

This sounds great. The food or snack drawer sounds good in theory unless you have some one like my mom. She is triggered by food because of a stomach issue along with the memory of after lunch nap. she now has to be upright for 2 hours after eating. So taking into account the health issues unique to your care receiver is important to the process.

I would love some ideas for people with mobility issues as well as severe anger. We have tried simple games, coloring & basic needle work, which are no longer options as the disease progresses.
Thank you for having the heart to share.

Oct 31, 2009
Thank you
by: Larea RN

Thank you Donna for your post on motion objects. You have some really good ideas. I especially like the snack drawer.

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